Saturday, May 13, 2006

Charles B Murphy Elementary update

Kids making Christmas Ornaments in the library. It has its own building now! Woohoo!

A Christmas Tree donated by Saddleback Valley Christian School, Oak Park in Lansdale, Pa and a scout group from Ca

Decorations bought by the librarian to help spruce the place up a bit!

This picture is of a pillowcase the kids made to help them remember being part of Charles B Murphy Elementary. They also put their handprints on each one so they would all have each other around and never be alone.

Actually building-wise, I'm far better than last year. When they combined the 2 schools, they had a portable brought in to be used as a 'dining hall".
It just didn't work - was just as far as the cafeteria, wouldn't hold enough kids, carpeted, etc. BUT - it did make a great library!I was still at CBM working out of no space (ok, the gifted teacher in a mad moment gave me part of her room and I took it!) Gulfview took a 4th grade teacher who was library certified but had never been in a library and gave her their library. She basically was overwhelmed by it all, so when they combined the schools, she went back to 4th grade and I became queen of the books.
It's not bad at all. I 'm still in the "giving away" stages so kids don't check books out but believe me, they don't miss a thing!! And since I now have several big grants, I have to weed out what I don't have space for (nearly all of the books are paperback) and the kids are the better for it.
I decorate it to the nine's so it doesn't look like the same boring FEMA trailer they see all the time and it's been worth every penny to have the kids and adults comment as they come in. The oohs and aahs for the Christmas tree alone was worth it!!

From Jeanne:

Oh wow! I only WISH I was all this says!! I'm flattered to say the least! I DO wish, though, that I was not wearing 2 sweaters and a man's borrowed jacket....I look more and more like the Pillsbury Doughboy's sister!! Oh well, beauty's only skin deep...but ugly's all the way through!!

4/17 - My aunt brought over a dozen more brand new which are being mailed down this week with another 7 dozen tennis balls. We need another couple dozen. Can you help?

4/6 - I have acquired 37 ish pillow cases from a local laundry service - Bates Troy. I'll be sending them down for the school to get just after their Spring Break. They could still use another 30 or so if you're willing to make this art project for the entire school!

Normally, I don't post stuff like this because I don't want the school to be inundated with items. BUT - I'm making an exception.

Jeanne has put in a request for Plain, solid colored - preferably white - Pillow Cases.

She needs 30 - 70 would be grand. But 30 is a minimum. It's for an upbeat art project for the kids - I have no clue after that.

If you want to help, send them to:

Charles B. Murphy Elementary School
Attn. Jeanne Brooks
7050 Stennis Airport Rd.
Kiln, MS 39556

Well - the project has been completed and here are the results! The love and compassion these teachers have for their students just jumps off the page at me. Please look carefully at the pictures to see exactly how tight the space is to teach these kids.

I remain amazed at how resourceful these teachers are compared to the local teachers and their work conditions. They all deserve a HUGE thank you and a standing ovation. Truly amazing!

Notice how tight the work space is - an office desk with a woman working at it directly behind the pillow case project, another teacher working with another student in the background.

And the finish product drying for the kids to take home! How cool is that? What a great idea!

The pillow cases are from Bates Troy in Binghamton, NY, along with a dozen from Judy H of Endicott NY.

The tennis balls on the feet of the chairs are from The Binghamton Tennis Center and Binghamton University.

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