Friday, February 13, 2009

Books About Pearlington

As I have time, I'll be posting more links to books regarding the rebuilding of Pearlington, Waveland, Bay St Louis, Kiln and the rest Hancock County. If you know of any, please let me know. I've long held I wouldn't advertise anything that was a for-profit endeavor, but I think at this point, they need to be shown in an effort to prove rebuilding has yet to be complete.

The first is Pat Holt's Rebuilding Pearlington. She's a lady from basically all over the nation, having served in the military and after retiring, took up photography. I wish her memoir included many more of her photographs, but perhaps she is working on a separate book for those.

I do have a few others, which will be posted in the appropriate blog, and then all will be collected on the KatrinaNetworking blog

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Friday, January 25, 2008

The New School

Online the new school goes by the combined initials of the two old schools - Bayview (BV) and Charles B Murphy (CBM), so I don't know if THEY know what it's going to be called.

However, groundbreaking has occured!

Everyone is absolutely thrilled about it and with any luck they will be having classes there by the next school year! WOW.

For those who may not know, most schools along the Gulf Coast were moved into FEMA trailers. The less fortunate are still in those trailers awaiting new buildings when the old ones were destroyed in the Storm.

These are views of the Hancock County Schools that are still in FEMA trailers.

Gotta love the landscaping!

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Christmas Volunteer Fire Fighter

A few installments over the next 9 days - all will be here.
Today was spent working at the chief's house putting a partition in a shed, finishing a retaining wall and filling in some holes. Nothing too serious but with a gang of people it wasn't so bad. A few less items for him to have to worry about.

We got a call for a sick person - unknown problems early this morning. When we got there a woman was outside and claimed that somehow the guy inside was unresponsive. While the crew is on the porch in front of the trailer, a black guy comes up and says the guy inside just called him a little while ago and seemed fine. I didn't notice it but the gal left the house after we got in with her bra in her hand and had gotten her purse out of the bedroom.

She left with the black guy that I had spoken too. Just another fine day in Pearlington. Oh the guy seemed fine once the crew was able to talk to him. I think he had placed an order for something other than pizza but I'm just guessing.

I spent all day cleaning tools and stenciling them. There are four fire fighters down from just north of Philadelphia and we are able to accomplish a lot just by putting elbow grease to work.

This evening we got a call for a wreck and the address given was HWY 604 an 90 which is just 1/2 mile down the road. We get down there and don't see anything. The actual address was 10 miles east at 607 and Hwy 90. A Jeep Cherokee ran off the right side of the road and into the trees where he naturaly stopped.

He wasn't injured but the sheriff was running him through fine screen since he had a 9 page criminal history, no license and no insurance (Welcome to Hancock County where laws are regarded as suggestions). The sheriff thought he had thrown some stuff in the ditch and we spent a good amount of time looking for it but I purposely didn't want to find it since that might make me have to go to court. I don't know if I could get court time for that or would have to take vacation so I just kind of stood back and let everyone else look.

This group is cooking meals so I took them to Gulfport yesterday and we spent over $400 on food for 7 days. I think they bought heavy but it beats eating fried food every day. I picked up a pork loin to cook. This one is pre-seasoned with lemon pepper and I hope its as good as the last. I am still getting compliments on that. I need to copy my scratch recipe and show these people I really can cook. I already had a discussion with one lady who thought it was her husband who cooked it.

Weather is warm today and hopefully the rest of the week.

Just as I was getting ready to hit send, we got alerted for an elderly lady with her foot caught in a bed rail. naturally I expected to find a lady laying in bed stuck but she was in a scooter and had run her foot over the rail and then it fell slightly. This was just enough to get her stuck in her chair. There was no way she could move at the angle she was at.

Using engineering tricks not taught in any university, we helped her stand and get into a lower chair then held her foot up and moved the bed and suddenly she was free.

I woke up to the sound of rain beating on the double wide this mornining. Shortly after that the Kiln got alerted for a house fire. It didn't take long before they started to scream for more tankers including specifically West Hnacock's. Having been up already I was out the door by the time the tones went off.

I had to wait a few minutes for another person, but we headed out in under 5 minutes I think. The tanker is slow to get rooling since it has 2,000 gallons of water. Being heavy I didn't want to go very fast out to the interstate. There isn't a lot of room to manuver. The road has no shoulders and ditches on both sides so you have to be a good judge of speed. there are only two curvew but the tanker has a lot of sway.

Finally got up to the interstate and could run wide open which is 69.5 mph. People are still screaming for water and tankers are having problem keeping up with the flow etc. Its starting to sound like a real cluster but I am maxed out and there is nothing I can do to get there any quicker.

When we hit the 603 exit the Chief from Kiln is calling for ETA's and people are saying its getting hot. The guy with me wants to call for directions. I told him not to worry we go to the Jordan Shores development and look for all the blinking lights. That's where the party will be.

The house was a cape cod style 1.5 story w/ dormers, ordinary construction. When we turned off there was a big column of smoke but 5 minutes later it seemed fairly well knocked down. They hook me up to the ladder pipe and I give him 2,000 gallons in under 2 minutes. The chief is still screaming for water. I counted two hose lines. The entire front of the house is burned off including the roof. I double checked to make sure everyone was out before pumping the tower.

I knew I should have taken my camera.

According to the owner, the Christmas lights or outlet shorted out and set off the vinyl siding. That seems about right given the weather as i woke up. It was a rebuilt home since the storm. The owner said the outlets were explosion proof (I'm guessing that't redneck talk for ground fault). Either it malfunctioned or they were not ground faults. Its hard to say.

All is well here. The engine and tanker have had some nice organizational work done. Thecross lays are now 1.75" brand new blue hose. Still canvas but they are gradually making headway. The rescue tools have been placed in a wooden box and there are two sets. The only problem is they are sitting working end up so you have to grab the cuttind edges. Its a little hard to get to but it should work. Daryl is going to look at teh box and see if he can rebuild it so the handle sits up.

They are going to have a big party here tomorrow with lots to eat. I have offered to cook a pork loin.

I'll keep you posted daily or more frequent if anything exciting happens. I got my gear all set so now we just need the tones.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pickin Up The Pieces - GA

You can contact us at
Pickin' Up the Pieces Relief Corp
P.O. Box 9634
Savannah, Georgia 31412

Our Last Rebuilding Trip of the Year!

December 26 - 31, 2007

End 2007 on a meaningful note: join us in helping families in Pearlington, Mississippi rebuild their homes. There is still a tremendous need for volunteers, and skilled volunteers are especially needed.

As always, we will be staying at the Camp Coastal Outpost volunteer center in Kiln, Mississippi. Costs for food and lodging are $15 per night, per person. We will also make our usual side trip to New Orleans one afternoon and evening. You won't believe what you will see, nearly two and a half years after the storm!

Anyone interested in participating in this trip please contact Linda at or 912-429-4220. Space is limited, so reserve your spot now!

Thank you to all for the tremendous response to our "Adopt and Angel Program"!! We adopted out 162 children!!
It was great. We ended up servicing 280 with the help of the Stennis Rotary Club. All of our Angels got adopted out and we also had 6 families. We ran out of Angels to adopt :-)

Hi Again...
Some of you have asked about whether we were planning a trip over the holidays...the answer is YES!
December 26 - 30. Anyone wishing to finish out the 2006 year making a difference in the lives of those affected by Katrina are welcome to join us. Please visit our website under "How You Can Help" at Pickin Up The Pieces for more information.
Linda Edwards

11/29 Adopt an Angel
We are doing an Adopt an Angel Project similar to the one that we did last year. There are 126 children under 10 y.o. in the Pearlington, MS community that we would like to share a little holiday cheer with. These children continue to face the after-effects of hurricane Katrina in a community that is still struggling to recover.
Many of these families haven't had Christmas since before The Storm, so please take that into consideration when you give this year.

If you choose to buy online, you can ship directly to the addresses given here and most companies are giving free shipping online until at least the first week of December.

I would love to know if you plan on helping, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post - click on the word 'comment'. Thank you!

You can contact us at
Pickin' Up the Pieces Relief Corp
P.O. Box 9634
Savannah, Georgia 31412
Gifts should not exceed $50 per child and need to be in Savannah no later than 12/14
All of these kids are from Pearlington, MS and those 10 yrs and older will be receiving gift cards.

RED is girls, BLUE is boys, and BOLD type will be infants 1 y.o. and younger

1. A, BABY BOY 1 y.o. boy
2. A, ANGEL 3 y.o. boy
3. A, ANGIE 3 month old boy
4. A, ARTHUR 7 y.o. boy

6. A, KANE 3 y.o. boy
7. A, KEELAN 6 y.o. boy
8. A, KEIRA 7 month old girl
9. A, ROLAND 4 y.o. boy
10. A, KALI 10 y.o. girl
11. A, KATIE 8 y.o. girl
12. A, LISA 5 y.o. girl
13. B, TYLER 12 y.o. boy
14. B, SELEN 5 y.o. girl
15. B, BEAU 8 y.o. boy
16. B, CHRISTIAN 1 y.o. boy
17. B, HAYDEN 2 y.o. boy

18. B, KAITLYN 5 y.o. girl
19. B, BRAD 16 y.o. boy
20. B, COURTNEY 13 y.o. girl
21. B, HARLEIGH 10 y.o. girl

22. B, JOBY 10 y.o. boy
23. B, MIRANDA 10 y.o. girl
24. B, TY 2 y.o. boy
25. B, SAM 8 y.o. boy

26. B, HANNAH 2 y.o. girl
27. B, HAYDEN 3 y.o. boy
28. B, CHASE 13 y.o. boy

29. B, COLE 8 y.o. boy
30. B, BROOKE 8 y.o. girl
31. B, CAMERON 15 y.o. boy
32. B, ALISHA 12 y.o. girl
33. B, JULLIAN 10 y.o. boy
34. B, ALEIGH 9 y.o. girl
35. B, DUSTIN 16 y.o. boy
36. B, GIRL 3 y.o. girl
37. B, CHRIS 15 y.o. boy
38. B, GIRL 17 y.o. girl
39. B, TAYLOR 10 y.o. girl
40. B, TAJAH 2.5 y.o. girl
41. B, ALICIA 15 y.o. girl
42. B, ALISHA 15 y.o. girl
43. B, DAQUIRIE 10 y.o. girl
44. B, DUJUANYA 8 y.o. girl
45. B, JASMINE 1 y.o. girl

46. B, SCOOTER 9 y.o. boy
47. B, SHONDRIKA 16 y.o. girl
48. B, WAYNE 9 y.o. boy
49. B, DONALD 12 y.o. boy
50. B, JOHN 15 y.o. boy
51. B, QUINAN 16 y.o. boy
52. B, WILLIAM 16 y.o. boy
53. C W, ALSIIA 7 y.o. girl
54. C W, TYDE 8 y.o. boy
55. C, BREANNE 11 y.o. girl
56. C, JOHNNY LYNN 5 y.o. girl
57. C, SELENA 12 y.o. girl
58. C, SHELBY 15 y.o. girl
59. C, TORI 15 y.o. girl
60. C, GLORIA 12 y.o. girl
61. D, BRYAN 5 y.o. boy
62. D, CHELSEA 14 y.o. girl
63. D, DAVID 4 y.o. boy
64. D, DONOVAN 10 y.o. boy
65. D, NATHANIEL 10 y.o. boy
66. D, OLIVIA 15 y.o. girl
67. D, JOSEPH 13 y.o. boy
68. D, KATIE 16 y.o. girl
69. D, ALEXIS 8 y.o. girl
70. D, ERIN 15 y.o. girl

71. D, JOSEPH 6 y.o. boy
72. D, SCOTT 16 y.o. boy
73. D, CIARA 7 y.o. girl
74. E, BRITTANY 14 y.o. girl

75. E, MICHAEL 11 y.o. boy
76. E, DARIAN 13 y.o. boy

77. E, HEATHER 16 y.o. girl
78. E, TREY 4 y.o. boy
79. E, LAURNA 12 y.o. girl
80. F, AARON 11 y.o. boy
81. F, DEANNA 1 y.o. boy
82. F, DALTON 14 y.o. boy
83. F, BRAYDEN 1 y.o. boy

84. F, JAYDA 3 y.o. girl
85. F, MACIE 5 y.o. girl
86. F, AMY 6 y.o. girl
87. F, ERICA 8 y.o. girl
88. F, RYAN 10 y.o. boy
89. G, TANYIAH 4 y.o. girl
90. G, ASHLEY 17 y.o. girl

91. G, STEVEN 16 y.o. boy
92. G, DONNIE 17 y.o. boy

93. G, PAIGE 15 y.o. girl
94. G, DEVANTE 13 y.o. boy
95. H, JOSHUA 8 y.o. boy

96. H, BZ 17 y.o. girl
97. H, JANSEN 16 y.o. boy
98. H, ALEXIS 4 y.o. girl
99. H, BRAD 15 y.o. boy
100. H, SAMANTHA 9 y.o. girl
101. H, KENTRELL 6 y.o. boy
102. H, KENYA 4 y.o. girl
103. H, RYAN 9 y.o. boy
104. H, SASHA 6 month old girl
105. A, AARON 10 y.o. boy
106. J, JUJU 4 y.o. boy
107. J, MASON 8 y.o. boy
108. J, OLIVIA 5 y.o. girl
109. J, STEVEN 15 y.o. boy
110. J, TENESA 1 month old boy
111. J BABY BOY 1 ½ month old boy

112. J, DAKOTA 14 y.o. boy
113. J, HANNAH 11 y.o. girl
114. J, RYAN 13 y.o. boy
115. K, DANIEL 10 y.o. boy
116. L, VANESSA 16 y.o. girl
117. L, VICKIE 9 y.o. girl
118. L, DYLAN 12 y.o. boy
119. L, ASHTON 3 y.o. girl
120. L, JET 17 y.o. boy
121. L, JOSHUA 16 y.o. boy
122. L, KAYLYNN 4 y.o. girl
123. L, ONEISHA 4 y.o. girl
124. L, ASHANTI 6 y.o. girl
125. L, JAREL 10 y.o. boy
126. L, DAJONTAE 3 y.o. boy

127. L, SHAYLA 8 y.o. girl
128. L, TAMEA 6 y.o. girl
129. L, AMANDA 16 y.o. girl
130. L, STEPHEN 15 y.o. boy
131. L, ALISSA 6 y.o. girl
132. L, SHEA 17 y.o. boy
133. L, BEAUTIFUL 2 y.o. girl
134. L, BRETT 2 y.o. boy
135. L, FRANK 1 y.o. boy
136. L, KENDRICK 6 y.o. girl
137. L, AMBER 14 y.o. girl
138. L, BROOKE 16 y.o. girl

139. L, ERIC 17 y.o. boy
140. L, JACOB 15 y.o. boy
141. L, JEWEL 10 y.o. boy
142. L, KAREN 16 y.o. girl
143. L, KAYLA 16 y.o. girl

144. L, KEVIN 11 y.o. boy
145. L, CRYSTAL 6 y.o. girl
146. L, LANDON 8 y.o. boy
147. M, JOHN 16 y.o. boy

148. M, AMANDA 14 y.o. girl
149. M, BABY GIRL 18 month old girl
150. M, BENA 6 y.o. girl
151. M, CHRIS 2 y.o. boy
152. M, CHRISTOPHER 3 y.o. boy

153. M, HANNAH 1 y.o. girl
154. M, LAURA 7 y.o. girl
155. M, MIA 1 y.o. girl

156. M, MICHAEL 1 month old boy
157. M, SHAKEM 3 y.o. boy

158. M, TIFFANY 13 y.o. girl
159. M, KORD 17 y.o. boy
160. M, ALEX 6 y.o. boy
161. M, ARIAN 14 y.o. girl
162. M, CHANCE 11 y.o. boy
163. M, HUNTER 8 y.o. boy

164. M, AMBRYE 16 y.o. girl
165. M, JAMES 9 y.o. boy
166. M, OJ 2 y.o. boy
167. M, BREESHON 8 y.o. boy
168. M, CAITLYN 7 y.o. girl
169. M, CARISSA 10 y.o. girl
170. M, HARLEY 10 y.o. boy
171. M, CARL 17 y.o. boy

172. M, CHELSEA 8 y.o. girl
173. M, ISABELLE 7 y.o. girl
174. M, MALLORY 8 y.o. girl
175. M, MICHAEL 8 y.o. boy
176. M, SELENA 14 y.o. girl
177. N, FAITH 8 y.o. girl
178. N, JONATHAN 16 y.o. boy
179. N, PAIGE 12 y.o. girl
180. N, DALTON 6 y.o. boy
181. N, SAMANTHA 9 y.o. girl
182. P, ALEXIS 7 y.o. girl
183. P, ATHENA 16 y.o. girl
184. P, BRITTANY 10 y.o. girl
185. P, DAVID 10 y.o. boy
186. P, JOSHUA 4 y.o. boy
187. P, SAMUEL 9 y.o. boy
188. P, SONNY 15 y.o. boy

189. P, WHITNEY 12 y.o. girl
190. P, ALLISON 16 y.o. girl
191. P, MATTHEW 10 y.o. boy
192. P, MALLORY 13 y.o. girl
193. P, MELINDA 13 y.o. girl
194. R, BRITTANY 5 y.o. girl
195. R, WHITNEY 16 y.o. boy
196. R, CIARA 6 y.o. girl
197. R, JOSH 7 y.o. boy
198. R, LUCAS 3 y.o. boy

199. R, ABBY 8 y.o. girl
200. R, ALEXIS 6 y.o. girl
201. R, HEATHER 9 y.o. girl
202. R, SKYLAR 8 y.o. boy
203. R, MARTY 14 y.o. boy

204. R, GLENDA 9 y.o. girl
205. S (DAWN’S SON) 5 y.o. boy
206. S, RYAN 16 y.o. boy
207. S, TRAVIS 16 y.o. boy
208. S, ZAZALONDRE 1 ½ y.o. boy
209. S, CHEYENNE 13 y.o. girl
210. S, DESTIN 7 y.o. boy
211. T, HOLLY 13 y.o. girl
212. T, CALEB 6 y.o. boy
213. V, ABIGAIL 4 y.o. girl
214. V, ANAI 9 y.o. girl
215. V, BRITTANY 10 y.o. girl
216. V, BROOKE 10 y.o. girl
217. V, BUBBA 8 y.o. boy
218. V, GRACIE 1 y.o. girl
219. V, JEFFERSON 14 y.o. boy
220. V, KAYLEE 8 y.o. girl
221. V, TY 1 y.o. boy
222. V, TRAVIS 8 y.o. boy
223. V, TREY 12 y.o. boy

225. V, DANIELLE 7 y.o. girl
226. W, TIFFANY 13 y.o. girl
227. W, TRAVIS 16 y.o. boy
228. W, ASHLEY 8 y.o girl
229. W, ROSS 14 y.o. boy
230. W, KAISER 12 y.o. boy

231. W, KRISTEN 11 y.o. girl
232. W, COURTNEY 16 y.o. girl
234. W, KELLY 16 y.o. girl
235. W, MEGAN 15 y.o. girl
236. W, REAGAN 6 y.o. girl
237. W, BRITTANY 8 y.o. girl
238. W, DALTON 6 y.o. boy
239. W, GARY 16 y.o. boy
240. G, LOREN 15 y.o. boy

The information we have are names, ages and M/F. We will need to collect all toys by Thursday, December 14, since we will be making our delivery Saturday, Dec. 16th. We ask that gifts be limited to no more than $50.00.

Please contact me either by e-mail or phone if you, your group or organization would like more information on how to participate.

Linda Edwards

11/13 Partnering with Pickin' Up The Pieces is Armstrong U: which is helping with the Thanksgiving food drive along with 5 current material drives and 12 past ones, as well as 2 previous trips to help in Pearlington and a current one being scheduled for March. WOW - Great people!

Also - if you want to help with their Thanksgiving Food Drive:

If you have been wanting a hands on experience to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina here is your chance! Residents in the Gulf still desperately need your help. If you want to participate in an unforgettable experience, you may want to consider a trip to Mississippi. If you have been considering going down to Mississippi, but didn't quite know how to go about doing it, please join us in our effort to make a difference

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Charles B Murphy School Article

The Hancock County School District on Thursday took three bids under advisement for the construction of two new schools to be built in Lakeshore and Leetown. It may be a while before the bids can be awarded, however, as the board has asked for a state ethics ruling because one of the board members currently works for the low-bidder.
When the issue came up on the agenda, District One board member Packer Ladner left the room, because he is employed by one of the companies (Roy Anderson Corp) which turned in a bid.
Board President Morgan Ladner announced that Roy Anderson Corp. was indeed the low-bidder with a bid on both schools for $31.68 million.
Two other bids were turned in. Starks Construction turned in a bid for $17.1 million for South Hancock and Worstim Corp turned in a bid for $17.5 million.
The two other bids combined total nearly $3 million more than the bid by Roy Anderson.
With the possibility of a conflict with state law because of a Roy Anderson employee being on the school board, the board directed attorney Mark Alexander to seek an opinion from the state ethics commission if the board could accept the low bid.
"This is a lot of money," Morgan Ladner said. "Its high, but its kind of what we expected. They (Roy Anderson) are the low bidder and it is several million less than the others."
Besides the possible conflict, time is another factor the school board is facing in regards to the new schools being built.
The school district has expressed a strong desire for the two new schools to be completed by the beginning of the 2008-2009 school year.
For that to happen, construction must begin by June 1 of this year.
Superintendent David Kopf said the contract allows for 400 days of construction time.
Alexander said he hopes for an opinion by the end of next week. He said the ethics commission meets next week.
"They are aware of our time restraints," he said.
The board took no action on the bids, but rather took them under advisement.
If the ethics commission rules the district cannot accept the low bid, the district would either have to accept the other bids--which would cost taxpayers nearly $3 more-- or rebid the projects, which could take up to two months to receive.

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Laurie a S. MS Hero

Rebecca Powers Profiles Pearlington's Laurie Spaschak
Those who know her say she has a heart of gold. The State Health Department's District 9 Health Officer Dr. Bob Travnicek, nominated Laurie Spaschak. So did 13 Pearlington residents, including Bobby Carden. He wrote, "She has helped me personally and almost everyone I know. She organized recovery for our whole town. Almost everyone here has benefited greatly from her love. She truly is an angel in disguise." That's why we honor Laurie Spaschak as a South Mississippi Hero.

Laurie left her family back in Albany NY, her daughter staying with Laurie's mom.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Pearlington Project

The Pearlington Project Katrina Foundation, Inc.PO Box 127 Rhinebeck, NY 12572

Make A Donation...
The Pearlington Project Katrina Foundation, Inc gratefully accepts your donations for the building of homes in Pearlington, MS. The Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.
To Donate Online
You will receive a receipt via email after making your online donation.
To donate by check,
The Pearlington Project Katrina Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 127
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

The Pearlington Project Katrina Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation. Its mission is simple: To build permanent homes for the residents of Pearlington, Mississippi, who lost their homes in Hurricane Katrina.

Pearlington, Mississippi is a small, rural, unincorporated community. As such, there is no government to advocate for these citizens. Therefore, The Pearlington Project Katrina Foundation was formed to provide permanent, safe shelter for those who have none.

The urgent mission of The Pearlington Project Katrina Foundation is to start, finish, and furnish as many homes as possible utilizing a “blitz build.” “Blitz building” is a proven technique in which skilled construction volunteers build a home in a very short period of time. Our skilled volunteers will frame the walls and roofs off-site 2 weeks prior to traveling to Pearlington. Simultaneous to this process, other skilled volunteers will be in Pearlington laying the foundations for the homes. Then, over a 1 week period, the homes will be fully constructed and furnished on-site. Leading this initial “blitz build” for the Foundation is an experienced builder who has held leadership positions in accelerated builds around the country.

Pre-building of the walls and roofs will occur off site with construction in Pearlington taking place. Since the Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, all your donations are tax-deductible. Donations are used to purchase building materials and basic furniture with construction provided by volunteer labor. Furniture is purchased from James Furniture, a local furniture dealer in Picayune, MS, that has rebounded from its Hurricane Katrina losses. It is the philosophy of the Foundation to support the local Gulf Coast economy as much as possible. With your help, this will be the first of many Pearlington Project Katrina Foundation "blitz build" projects.

The Pearlington Project Katrina Foundation is the evolution of the work of Angela Cole, a healthcare professional and business owner, who has brought attention and resources to the people of this small, rural community for the past year. Her efforts, initially dubbed “The Pearlington Project,” caught the attention of both the New York Times and CNN. CNN has now aired four segments on the situation in Pearlington. All media coverage may be viewed in the Media Section of this website.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation early this year. Time is running out for the people of Pearlington and The Pearlington Project Katrina Foundation, Inc. needs your help in order to help them. Monies received will fund the building of houses in Pearlington, Mississippi only. Teams of volunteer builders will fund their travel to and from Pearlington to construct the homes. In Dutchess County NY experienced, volunteer home builders are ready to start their hammers as soon as adequate funding for materials is received.

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