Sunday, May 14, 2006

Landscape Photos

These were taken 11/19/05 - so these aren't "The Day After The Night Before" kind of thing. This is what the area looks like STILL.

A boat that isn't where it ought to be. And probably won't be for quite a while, if ever. The money to put one that size BACK into the water - much less water deep enough.

The picture on the right is obviously one of debris that has been cleared from a road, awaiting removal. Peoples' lives are in that 12' high pile.

The trailer is a FEMA trailer in their yard until their house is repaired. Can you imagine fitting an entire family in those? That's why Walton County Habitat is working so hard to get these transitional houses built. They're still very small, but far more square footage than one of these, AND disabled/elderly/large families can negotiate the transitional housing much more easily.

Picture of the bunk houses being built on the athletic field in Pearlington - you can see the football uprights to the right of the picture. This is also the basic size of the transitional houses, just with fewer windows due to wall space for bunks.


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