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One House At A Time
1/15 Kris set this up on their website:

Pearlington Contact:
Glenn Locklin - 615.496.6981

Volunteer Contact: Kris Locklin -

12/14 - From a Previous OHAAT Volunteer who just returned from a trip to P-ton...
Suzanne Rester Watson and I had a great meeting with Leslie Eaton of the NY Times in Pearlington on Wednesday. She seems to be moving along on her story on modular housing innovations for the Gulf Coast. We would have love to have Leslie from upstate New York along.
It was truly a memorable day.
In addition, Ms. Eaton found the trip to Pearlington informative for a second, more personal story on housing concerns. (She couldn't make any promises to write about "One House at a Time" since the Pearlington story wasn't on her original assignment list.) We visited several homes built by "One House at Time," including the new home of Linda Freeman. It's larger than the first prototype cottage and promises to make a wonderful permanent residence for Linda, and her son Dalton. (Check out more on their home at The house was funded by "One House at a Time" and an anonymous grant.

Leslie seems like a serious journalist who has a big heart for the people of the Gulf Coast. She has been covering New Orleans since Katrina and hopes to continue the in-depth coverage of the region published in the Times. She usually spends a week a month in New Orleans. I'll keep you posted if I hear when the story is running.

Best wishes for a happy New Year, Lynn

11/29 - From Kris Locklin...
Greetings! It's Kris, Glenn Locklin's wife, and I just returned from a visit in Pearlington. Glenn's been down there since January '06 and I admit that this was my first visit, but it definitely won't be the last. I will slowly be jumping in with both feet (can one jump slowly?) to get things more organized and going in a fashion resembling the way Shannon took care of things when One House at a Time was in the hands of Habitat for Humanity of Walton County, FL. Thanks for all you did Shannon!

Work is going slowly for Glenn right now and several projects are near completion but waiting on one or two little things (big enough to stall the project, so not so little) to be done or inspected. Many are hoping to be in their homes by Christmas so we're praying the little things through! I will be working more closely with Glenn to get news out to all of you interested in the goings on of One House projects. Hopefully after the first of the year we can kick it up into high gear and I'll have more to report. For now, feel free to contact me regarding any questions, comments, suggestions or volunteer/donation interests you may have regarding One House at a Time. I can be emailed directly at and I will do my best to get with you as soon as possible.

Thanks, Leslie, for this forum to bring awareness to One House at a TIme, Glenn and his efforts in Pearlington, MS and all the others who actually make the project of rebuilding Pearlington a reality.

-- Kris Locklin

Picture taken 12/13/06

11/10 - Just found on Pickin' Up The Pieces Website:
- Pickin' Up The Pieces - From GA

The Hope Center Fellowship of Hendersonville TN
has taken over the work of OHAAT.
Now - from what I've heard from Walton County Habitat is that Glenn will remain the contact person on the ground in Pearlington.
THCF's website does not have any information regarding the OHAAT project. I'll keep checking it from time to time for that update.
I have Suzanne's phone number, but as of yet, have been unable to contact her (no voicemail) and do not have her email to get more details of their plans. Their Pastor - Jeremy Bradley's email is Last time I contacted him, I was given a very non-commital answer.
I wish I had more news and hope to have more soon....

It is great to see that you are still hard at it. Sorry for the long delay in contacting you regarding the One House at a Time project. The transfer is finally complete!! This leaves me with happy and sad emotions. I am extremely happy that the project goes on. New Community Church of Hendersonville, TN is overseeing the project and they plan to complete all the projects and to continue working for hurricane relief.

I have heard from some of the residents, one imparticularly that is handicapped, that could really use a stackable washer / dryer combo if you happen to know of any resources to refer them to. In the near future we will be sending thank yous out to the unit sponsors and plan to make the need known as well, but if you happen to hear of anything that would be great.

I will keep looking for your blogs and I will keep in touch. I have the wall quilting you made hanging by my desk, so I think of you often. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do.
Take Care,
Glenn asked me to write or call you last week and give you an update on how things are going there. He is continuing with the building of the projects that have been started with a completion date of all projects started to be completed by November 1st.

In addition to that he and his family and church are actively seeking funds to carry on the One House project to continue on in remodeling and building for additional Katrina victims in Pearlington, as well as carrying the project on for future storm victims.

Hey Leslie,
Good to hear from you. Sorry I have not sent an update before now. I did not get to go to the reunion, but I wanted to go. Glenn said they were going to make a dvd or something like that to share, and if I receive a copy I will definitely pass it on to you.

As for the OHAAT project we are in the process of lining things up to turn the project over to a church in Hendersonville, TN. The church plans to finish the current projects, and plan to start doing refurbishing work in Pearlington, and they will try to raise funds and awareness to continue building. I know they would love for you to keep plugging for them as well. I will get details such as the pastor's contact information as soon as we get everything worked out.

8/11 - I spoke with Shannon again. It seems there is a church in TN that is seriously interested in taking on the One House project since New Hope has bowed out. I feel that would be positively incredible! Nothing has been finalized, but the folks at the church are very excited and so I have a very good feeling about this. I feel that a church organization will be perfect for this mission. So many churches have done such incredible things with what you would think was a very finite amount of financial and physical parameters. But God is good and with faith, anything IS possible!

Also, she sent me the invitation for the One Year "Reunion" for all PearlingtonVolunteers. While I can't make it this year, I'd absolutely love to next year! We'll see. has all the information.

The following is excerpts form the project report put out in early June:

Recovery Efforts
Habitat for Humanity of Walton County Florida in partnership with The Hurricane Relief Coalition of Walton County; New Hope Construction of Hendersonville, TN; Walton County community volunteer organizations; and local churches and individuals, adopted the small village of Pearlington, Mississippi in the Autumn of 2005, in an attempt to build transitional housing for the families of Pearlington.
More than $300,000 was raised and the work continues to this day, with a September 1, 2006, completion date for all transitional units. Scores of individuals, organizations, and corporations have contributed volunteer hours and monetary funds to the “One House At A Time” project.

Challenges Ahead
A number of challenges remain in the effort to rebuild Pearlington, Mississippi. These are not
exclusive to One House At A Time, but are indicative of all relief efforts on the Gulf Coast:
o Infrastructure – Most of Pearlington still does not have permanent electricity. Permitting
is sporadic and the unincorporated town council has no real authority to demand further
assistance. The village was scheduled for a multi-million dollar sewer installation in the
autumn of 2005. After Katrina, the project was cancelled.
o Sickness – On more than one occasion the relief village of volunteers at the Pearlington
Elementary School has been cleared due to the outbreak of flu and sickness.
o Compassion Fatigue – The ongoing relief efforts have proved taxing to the people of
Mississippi and those trying to assist.
o Dwindling Volunteers – As a new hurricane season begins and attention is drawn to other
areas, the stream of volunteers first entering the relief areas has significantly declined.
o Lack of organizational support – Habitat for Humanity International has made the
decision not to build in the Pearlington area of Hancock County, leaving the efforts to
smaller, grass root movements.

The One House At A Time project was highlighted on CBS Evening News 2/23/06! Woooo! Ronnie Mc Brayer even got some face time.
The following is the transcript from the 5 day special report called, "Katrina + 6 Months".

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