Sunday, May 14, 2006

Loving Neighbors

Prayer request:
One the pastors from Pearlington, Mississippi (Bro. Fred Fields) that our church, Hickory Hammock, and Doug have been working with had a family tragedy . His brother was killed in a car accident yesterday. Please pray for the family and his church.
11/11 - what some of them do on their "off time" at home:
Not a problem. Ok, here's the whole story less names etc... She (the lady in question) and her husband lived in St. Bernard Parish Louisiana. Not long before Katrina maybe 8 months, her husband was killed in a boating accident. She, her daughter, and mother were doing sort of ok until Katrina hit and then they lost EVERYTHING except, literally the cloths on their back.
Somehow they managed to get to Milton where she knew some friends who then sold (or gave at a very reduced rate) a house trailer.
New problems then arose, plumbing, leaks, the outside ramp for her mothers wheelchair was a problem, and the list goes on. She never asked for anything but when questioned how she was doing after joining the church we read between the lines and the rest is history. My neighbor who is a "carpenter/do it all projecteer" etc.. and a few others of us took action.
The problem was brought to us at our Bereans meeting and within a few days, the ramp was completely rebuilt, the toilet replaced, the bath tub re-mounted, and the second sink in her mothers bathroom repaired. All at no cost to her.
A few months ago a downed tree in her yard mysteriously sawed itself up and stacked itself neatly in a burn pile.Tomorrow a few of us will install a "divide" in the living-room for her mother. This divide will actually be a whole room division, i.e. making two rooms from one.
We do this NOT for glory or recognition but for the "anti-rust" fund. Yes, that's Biblical. Where? I'll let you figure that one out and tell you some time down the road.
Cruel, I know. You have to understand my "dark" humor. I, like Vincent Price, love to watch bug zappers doing their thing, vaporizing bugs.Take Care,Zeek
I haven't heard anything regarding their latest trip, but have put them in contact with a woman from a more northerly church who has pews to donate. Doug is looking to see what church they are working with can use them and will hopefully get back to me so I can update the site.
Will also let you know when their next trip is when I find out...
Just in from Zeek! 10/2
Oct. 7, 2006 will be our next trip. Quite a few folks going back to Pearlington to continue what we started nearly 1 year ago on our FIRST trip of Oct 14, 2005. HHBC is committed with labor on an ongoing basis and we WON'T leave until the job is done.
The 4 churches we started helping a year ago are coming along very well, not done but still a work-in-progress effort.
The pics I take are usually up on the web site about 2 weeks after the trip. Here's the URL just in case this memo is passed along or copied in some way:
Just look for the dates on the buttons. I will be updating the page and archiving some of the old stuff. I will have a button to these files (archived) for anyone’s interest. All photos on my site are available for NON-COMMERICAL use only. i.e. church functions fund gathering for the Pearlington effort etc... Not required but if you want to give hhbc a credit line it's ok.
ALL monies we collect, gather, accumulate, go 100% to the rebuilding effort. I hope eventually we (hhbc) will release the company donors that have given so NON-SELFISHLY to the rebuilding in Pearlington.
Till next time, keep us in your prayers and thank you.
I spoke with Doug Pennington today and he gave me a great update on what's going on with the different missions of Loving Neigbors. The financial aspect is covered by a coalition of 16 churches, while the "boots on the ground" is covered by a couple of other church groups.
They have essentially completed the restoration of 2 churches. The first is Fellowship Hall, which serves and THE kitchen for residents and volunteers alike.
Another is the New Hope Baptist Church, where a vacation bible school took place this summer and where the Volunteer Reunion is to be held in a few weeks. All that remains for this church is cosmetic work and it is completed!
They are putting a roof on another church right now and in the process of tearing down to rebuild yet another. This one is a sad story since the building is over 130 years old and just can not be restored. The damage is too great.
He also told me of some branching out they are doing, working with Hope Force Interational, which I hope to have information on this coming week. This group is building Pre-Fab houses of about 1000 s.f. for about 15,000 each. WOW! How wonderful is that!
They also have several members who are working with this group to train for Grief/Trauma counciling, since this is an area of the recovery that is so greatly neglected.
He will be emailing me a needs list and more information this coming week, so will update as soon as I can!
Hickory Hammock Baptist Church (HHBC) is a growing church located in Milton Florida (Panhandle near Pensacola), with a heart for Missions. Our church's current Local Mission is supporting Pearlington, MS in the rebuilding of three churches.
Moe Emailed me some of the details and many pictures (thank you!) and while their main mission is to finish restoring these 3 churches by EASTER, they are also collecting items to make into "kits" for the residents of Pearlington.
LovingNeighbors is providing Home Starter Kits for families moving into small house trailers.
These kits include: kitchen goods, linens, cleaning supplies, and miscellaneous items. Generators are also needed. Please select which level you wish to support.

A gift of $500 provides a Home Starter Kit; with housewares, kitchenware, cleaning supplies, linens and bedding.
A gift of $125 provides one quarter of a kit.
A gift of any size is welcome!
Please send any gifts/donations to:
Christ Church of Oak Brook
ATTN: LovingNeighbors
31st St & York Rd
Oak Brook, IL 60523

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