Friday, January 25, 2008

The New School

Online the new school goes by the combined initials of the two old schools - Bayview (BV) and Charles B Murphy (CBM), so I don't know if THEY know what it's going to be called.

However, groundbreaking has occured!

Everyone is absolutely thrilled about it and with any luck they will be having classes there by the next school year! WOW.

For those who may not know, most schools along the Gulf Coast were moved into FEMA trailers. The less fortunate are still in those trailers awaiting new buildings when the old ones were destroyed in the Storm.

These are views of the Hancock County Schools that are still in FEMA trailers.

Gotta love the landscaping!

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At 10:46 PM, Anonymous thomas white said...

the other school is gulfview not bayview

At 9:05 AM, Blogger Leslie said...

Thank you! Gulfview it is. My brain is anything but accurate these days.
Much appreciated!


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