Friday, January 25, 2008

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At 11:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having read the Katrina Coalition newsletters for awhile, I thought after spending January thru March of last year and being here since December this date and planning on staying longer, you should know what is going on in Pearlington, Ms.
The Pearlington Center will close as of March 1st. The Center was used to distribute needed goods to the local Hancock County residents. Since the announcement of the closing, the Salvation Army has set up offices here working with the residents seeking building needs, distributing and seeing to residents personal needs. So the S.A. is doing it's job covering that portion. What is needed and lacking is volunteers to do the building. So far, religious groups of all affiliations are the backbone of volunteering but still not enough. This volunteer-need goes into all the Gulf Coast communities. Building supplies from religious organizations are arriving weekly giving the residents the opportunity to replace the FEMA trailer with a real house but need more volunteers to accomplish the goal of a family moving into a home. You mention about collecting household goods and shipping them down here. The disaster is over, the re-building should be the main consideration. Donating money to the organizations working here or sending gift certificates for the houses to be finished is the way to go. Again, it needs to be repeated....... VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED.....



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