Tuesday, December 26, 2006

West Hancock Fire and Rescue

Thank you Gary for the photos! All photos herein are property of Gary McGinnis and copyrighted December, 2006.

A paid worker fell off a ladder and has been collared/boarded for transport to the hospital. His coworkers are there as well.

Nice Grouping.

A donated Engine. WOW. Great of departments to do this considering how MUCH these puppies cost. Call and ask your local FD to get an idea of the generosity.

EMA gave all emergency services a double wide to work out of. Not bad compared to the regular tuna cans...

One Tower/Ladder donated.

The New Rescue

A donated Tanker. Looks like a GREAT workhorse!

Another Ladder Truck

Another need discovered - DOT Level III Traffic cones. If anyone knows of any, please contact Leslie at KatrinaCoalition@aol.com

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At 9:35 AM, Blogger cehwiedel said...

This post will be included in today's edition of the "Carnival of Hurricane Relief." See:


Way cool donations of fire trucks and such! Hope you find those traffic cones.


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