Monday, July 24, 2006

More Security Needed


Had a conversation with a volunteer friend who is not IN P-ton at all times. She was very disturbed by the drug activity among the youth. She was very uneasy driving through a certain part of town due to the open use of drugs as she went through, along with the obvious nature that she was NOT a local.

She was so sad about it that it consumed much of the conversation.

This is a byproduct of disasters. Youth are many more times likely to become abusers of drugs and each other when the emotional aspect of a disaster is not dealt with properly.

There are long-term volunteers that are in P-ton on a daily basis that have experience with this aspect of disaster recovery. Unfortunately, I've not heard of any solid efforts to establish programs to help deal with the emotional aftermath. Hopefully this will change in the near future.

Just sent to me this AM (7/24)

Just to give you a quick update.

The insulation my dad purchased for his rebuilding efforts was stolen from inside of the house he is trying to rebuild. I am so pissed, that someone could do such a thing to a 89 year old man.

Do you think the National Guard will police Pearlington? The local officials are of no help, hell they are probably involved.

I guess you could say I am very bitter right now.


This isn't the first time this man has had something bad happen to him. He's had grifters try to take him for no work done, he's had promises by local volunteers that have never come through, and I believe he's had a generator stolen as well.

I truly believe the area needs more patrols AND a better sense of communal security. People really need to do more checking on each other.


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