Saturday, July 01, 2006

EZ Mart Open!

It may not sound like much but the small EZ mart opened today. Finally there is a place to buy small snacks, drinks and beer in Pearlington. Be it ever so small a sign of recovery non the less. I bought two pints of choclate milk. There were no shelves just coolers. A few snacks were avaiable. It looked like they would put up the shelves as they went along.

There are no fireworks this weekend anywhere in the county. The fire risk is too great. I think I could have found an area near the beach to light them safely provided the breeze blew back into the Gulf but I guess since there is no way to make sure it is just too dangerous to try.

The only other idea I can think of would have been a display from barges off shore. Slidell will have displays though. I can live without but it is a bit of a disapointment.

I have to go back over to see the little girl doing the library. I hope she gets the books put up and I can get a picture of her and all her books. What a precious heart touching story.

Not much else is new in Pearlington today. Catch you all later.


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